WIP Wednesday

Enterlac Throw

The blogosphere tells me that November happens to be a good time to post. I had heard of the novel writing challenge, but wasn’t aware of NaBloPoMo. I started a bit late, yet it should be a great challenge to post every day for the remainder of the month. It also happens to be National Knit a Sweater Month, but I don’t foresee that happening.

Many of my current projects are gifts, and I don’t want to share those photos. Enjoy instead my pride and joy of a WIP above – the Dragonrend throw. (Designed by Marly Bird. She hearted my Ravelry project. eeek!) I guess I didn’t take any pictures without my ps3 controller, but considering my project is named after a shout in Skyrim it’s quite fitting.


The throw is featured in the first knitting magazine I ever bought; I LOVED it. Unfortunately even the beginner project in the mag was a challenge at the time (the spearmint cowl from yesterday), and the throw was listed as intermediate/experienced. I figured it would be some kind of dream project that I’d start someday once I had many years and skills under my belt. Now I know it is much harder to acquire a blanket’s worth of Malabrigo yarn than it is to learn entrelac.  Completing a hat, headband, socks, and dishcloths helped me space out learning decreases, increases, picking up stitches. However all skills in knitting are pretty much based on the knit stitch, and therefore don’t require learning as much as patience, practice, and concentration.
I learned to knit, and now knitting is teaching me…


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Janice Heck says:

    I knit one sweater for an old (undeserving) boyfriend when I was in college…big needles, big yarn. Done. I wouldn’t mind knitting a cozy throw for naptime. Well, maybe I’ll nap first, then think on it.


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