WIP Wednesday 11/20/13

I’ve started three posts over the last few days, but they are works-in-progress themselves. Sometimes words just won’t translate to the screen properly. Sentences spin in my mind, yet only two sit in the textbox… A certain amount of flow has to be reached to write, to knit, to game with ease. More on flow tomorrow.

Today’s WIP is good old Grandma’s Favorite dishcloth. I try to keep a dishcloth in my purse or car so I have a project no matter where I go. This one was put to work before it was even a cloth. The yarn absorbed some of a leaky-lidded iced coffee, and now the aloe-scented Sugar n Cream has stiff, frappuccino smelling bits. I prefer the smell to the aloe, honestly, but I’m currently attracted to variegated and bright greens. The coffee bits don’t photograph as nicely as they smell, hence the pile yarn atop the cloth. I already have about ten colors of this particular dishcloth pattern, but the four cast-on stitches just keep appearing on needles…


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