WIP Wednesday 12/04/2013

Hi, I’m Purl, and I’m a yarnaholic. (Spell-check thinks the word should be chocoholic; it is wrong.) The color of the yarn is Fijian Waters. Not sure if my camera and screen quite capture the beauty, but it is in the range of my favorite shades of blue. The brightest blue you could possibly find in nature reserved for water and sky and flowers and the occasional stripe on a tropical creature. The perfectly twisted fiber was draped across the chair for days, and I finally twisted it back up into a hank yesterday. It needs to be wound into something manageable, but me and Mr. Gamer have both enjoyed walking through the dining room and giving the yarn a squeeze. Some yarn I don’t want wound at the local shop, especially worsted and thicker yarns since the skeins have less yardage. I like to use two chairs and stand on a step-stool, so the yarn pulls easily. Music helps, too. Since I’m still novice, it is nice to experience the yarn before I knit with it. I find the knots and random fuzzies, and get a feel for it. I have a better idea which needles, which pattern to use. The drape isn’t a complete mystery. Yes, I still need to (should…might..) knit a swatch, but have a better starting point if I’ve never worked with the yarn.

Since yarn on a chair probably doesn’t count as a work-in-progress, lovely as it is, here are sock explosion pictures!

CIMG1357 CIMG1340

Ann Budd’s Getting Started Knitting Socks has been a valuable reference.  Attempting magic loop in Patons stretch sock yarn in licorice. 5/6 Stitch per inch socks in Cascade 220 Sport on size 3 dpns are the off-white ones. The blue-ish one is Patons Classic Wool knitted on size 7 dpns.  All of these need blocking…I may invest in some sock blockers. I have project envy, as all of these are gifts. After X-mas, my own feet will be getting a pair of wool socks!


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 12/04/2013

  1. roma1912 says:

    Love your post, the yarn is to die for, what are you going to create with it


  2. roma1912 says:

    I have a vision of the stripey cowl… wow


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