WIP Wednesday 12/11/2013

 Cashsoft Cable Hat Cashsoft Hat 2Cashsoft cable closeupCashsoft Hat

I made one hat out of the Rowan Cashsoft Aran, and decided the yarn wanted to be made into something with cables. This is the lovely (and free!) Fisher Cable Hat pattern by Lindsey Felice, and it is flying off the needles. Rowan must be revamping the Cashsoft line, as I’ve found it in a couple different weights and colors in clearance sections of yarn shops. I thought this color would be great for guy’s accessories, – bright enough not to be dull, diminished enough to be wearable. I had forgotten that cables are easier than they look. Regular ribbing for five rows, a few stitches knit out of order on every sixth row.

Knit cables are so orderly, unlike the drawers and baskets of electronic cables spattered throughout shelves and closets. Perhaps those forlorn phone chargers are jealous of their stitched counterparts and long to be entwined and braided. It doesn’t seem to matter if I use dividers or twist-ties; I open a drawer and the once neatly coiled cables are now in the midst of an all-out orgy. (Which is why Mr Gamer and I call this phenomenon “cable sex.”) I seem to subconsciously enjoy all the untangling, and therefore throw cables into my work-in-progress baskets for later study…


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