Finished Object (FO) Friday 1/17/2014

cabled dishcloth

My very first cable in the convenient form of a dishcloth; took this picture almost exactly a year ago. The gauge is goofy because a needle broke about 1/3 of the way through. The pattern can be found on Ravelry – Cable Spa/Dishcloth.  Dishcloths are my favorite way to learn a new stitch pattern. It works just fine even if a couple rows look screwy.

I’m currently working on some toe-up socks on carbon fiber dpns. I bought Ann Budd’s video on sock knitting during the holiday Interweave sale, and was fascinated watching her do the Turkish/Eastern cast-on. Tried it (without re-watching!) a couple days later, and got it on my first attempt! One of those things that just made sense in my brain immediately.

Gaming-wise I am just sticking to casual and trophy-hunting at the moment. Finished Ni No Kuni last week, so I am stuck in that grind-to-plat or start a new game dilemma. In the meantime I’ve been playing Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing on the Vita. So much fun! More Mario Kart than Wipe-out which is good for me….Racing games are a blast, but not exactly my forte. I still haven’t finished Last of Us, nor played Burial at Sea (which is already bought and downloaded). I may have to schedule caffeinated gaming binge in the near future!


4 thoughts on “Finished Object (FO) Friday 1/17/2014

  1. Astro Adam says:

    Looks great and I could really use one of those right about now…


  2. Kate B. says:

    Wow that looks nice! My first ever cable happened a few weeks ago when I attempted to make my first ever beanie hat. The cable part was actually pretty freakin’ easy, but it was knitting in the round for the first time that I messed up. 😦 The hat is still sitting in my living room and I really don’t want to frog it because I felt like I was knitting forever to get to the spot where I messed up and when I tried to fix it (tried to frog a few rows and re-do) it just looked worse…. I tried exactly 4 times to fix it now and I’ve just given up. Blegh.


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