I am still a neophyte in the knitting  and blogging world, but I have been writing essays for several years now. Video games and the surrounding culture and technology are a favorite topic. I also occasionally take gaming knitting breaks to read, and I enjoy writing about how a novel or story effects me. Perspectives can change so quickly, and re-reading essays gives me insight into how my views have evolved. The plan is to respond to my essays via blog posts, so I’m featuring the writings here for reference and as a bit of a portfolio.

To Literary and Beyond Written October 2009 – How Issac Asimov and Frank Herbert have changed the world and enhanced mine.

Digital Discord Written December 2009 – A look at Digital Rights Management and related issues for the consumers and companies.

Bridging the Gap  Written April 2010 – Ethics in media was the main topic of an English class and assignment, and my most in-depth personal experience was with video games. This essay details observations on the gender gap in games and the surrounding culture, and how it can have an effect beyond games.

Body and Mind in Flow Written April 2011 – A short essay on the book Flow combining summations with personal experience.

All essays © PurlGamer 2009-2014. All rights reserved.


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